Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Pip snap

I only went to one lesson of graphics this year so the work I managed to produce in one day isnt much but here it is. I was given a list of weird words and had to pick one. My chosen word was 'pip snap'. Not knowing what I was doing, I decided to cut out the letters on the paper in my sketchbook. Thinking that would look a bit boring, I added a random red triangle to the page first as there's just something about the triangles. I then cut the letters out and painted the outlines with black paint so the letters are more visible. Before I glued a bit of old magazine to the back of that page, I painted the letters in with some red watercolours first so that we can see it on the page behind.

Okay, for some reason blogger has decided to change the first picture about!

My sketch book needed some colour in it. So I decided to stick a little paper with almost invisible word 'pip snap' on a page and then went to look up pictures of deers on the internet. I picked a gorgeous picture which I then decided to use. I drew it out with a pencil first and then covered it in colour inks. So it looks like this now:

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