Saturday, 8 January 2011

Croydon Higher Education College Prospectus #1

Being bored of doing the 100 tasks and other stuff for college, I have decided to dedicate my friday off to do some collages and drawings in one of the prospectus books I got at the UCAS event a few months ago. I used the Craydon Higher Education College prospectus.

These are a few bird designs. I have used pencils and watercolours to paint the bird. I then cut out bird patterns in some pages.

Looking through the pages in the book, I have came across this particular photograph of a shoe and decided to change it, to make it my own. I like the use of tissue paper in my work but I dont think I have ever used it like that before. I stack it to the photo and drew out the shapes of the shoe and trousers, adding a few things of my own. I have also stack other bits and bobs to make it more colourful. I dont think it is quite finished yet though and I shall be adding more things to it once I think of something good.

For this photograph, just like for the previous one I have used the tissue paper and drew out the outlines of the photo with a pencil. I didnt know what else to do to it in order for it not to look so boring and once I started looking around me to find something interesting and inspirational, I discovered a little yellow triangle, a piece of paper which I used in the previous collage. I was suprised how perfect it fitted on top of the teacup! It reminded me of those chinese hats so I decided to draw a little chinese face on the cup as well to make it more fun. I still lacked something there so I have decided to look up the word 'tea' in japanese and added it to the collage as well. I'm quite happy with it to be quite honest.

That's it for now! Look forward to see more soon.

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