Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Print making

Print was the first workshop I done this year and I rather enjoyed it. We had a lot of topics to choose from to base our work on. The theme I picked was 'People I've yet to meet'. The main idea behind it was to produce a several portraits. I have done some drawings, water colour paintings and collages in my sketchbook to choose from. I was then going to produce a few silk screen prints but I have changed my mind after my techer showed me another method of print making. I photocopied the pictures from my sketchbook, then placed a card paper on a hard surface, placed my printed picture on top of it, stroked it with a piece of rag that had chemicals on it and pressed pencil on it so that the picture transferred to the card paper. I have then pressed letters covered in ink onto the paper to give my characters some names. This is what I achieved after the process. I am not too happy with it because I wish I used stronger colours in my sketchbook instead of watercolours as the results arent too clear.


  1. the top image exclaiming 'who' is really something, i like how the face is disfigured and clearly added to the photographed body; in a way it sort of breaks the person apart, possibly disguising them, the 'who' enforces this idea. nice

  2. Thank you :)
    My teacher told me to do some collages so I went to the library, looked up some magazines to find a body. Then added one of my drawings that I did when we went to the Tate Modern with college one time and that's how it went really :)